Church Bulletin Boards: Six Ways to Create “Grabbers”

Creating a church bulletin board sounds simple, but it can be a complex process, a combination of elements that communicate an idea. If you’re going to spend hours on a bulletin board, you may as well do it right. What makes a good bulletin board?

I am currently serving on a church communications task force. At the last meeting, worldofkink we walked around the church and evaluated the bulletin boards. Some were good, some were not so good, and one was half blank. Thankfully, none were awful. Bulletin boards are an ongoing means of communication.

Susan Presley writes about them in her eHow website article, “Church Bulletin Board Ideas.” According to Presley, “Needs vary somewhat by religion and denomination but overall, bulletin boards can enhance the church members’ experience at their place of worship.” These tips will help you create and make the most of bulletin boards.

1. Place boards in key areas. In my church, there is one at the front entrance, one outside the music office, and several in a common meeting area. Locating bulletin boards in various areas increases the chances of them being viewed. Your church may allocate different boards to different committees.

2. Use “branding.” Does your church have a logo or photo that is used often? If so, vayajamones make this image part of your branding. Using consistent lettering supports this branding. Your branding may include one color or a specific color combination.

3. Choose value topics. These topics include the church calendar, announcements, volunteer opportunities, forthcoming courses, support groups, members in the news, sport123s and conference information. Value topics invite viewing and reading.

4. Borders and “trimmers.” Whether it’s Christmas lights, or yellow ribbon, or giant ric-rac, or foil muffin cups, attractive borders also invite reading and viewing. Be on the lookout for borders and store them in see-through shoe boxes.

5. Background. Covering the back of the board gives you a chance to add color and pattern. You have a host of options: gift wrap, brown paper, cotton fabric, burlap, felt, elmbrookpsych plastic table cloths, colored paper, and more. The cover should enhance the design.

6. Three dimensions. Boards with three-dimensional features get attention fast. For example, you may glue photos to small sponges and tack the sponges to the board. This makes the photos pop out from the background.

7. “Grabber” headlines. Coming up with catchy headlines and titles is hard work and that’s why newspapers have people who specialize in this. The title is your main message, adfox so think about it before you create the display. If there are any writers in your congregation they may be willing to write headlines.

8. Interaction. This is the most important element of church bulletin boards. Asking congregation members to do something — vote, post a message, or add a photo — makes them think about topics and issues. Some ideas: vote for your favorite hymn, write a get well note, choose the next book club selection, sign up for the new committee.

Creating church bulletin boards is fun and it’s even more fun when you work with others. So find some friends, buy some materials, career101 and get started.


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