Employer Branding 101 – 4 Steps To Increase the Effectiveness Of Your Employee Surveys

If you are considering using employee surveys to access valuable information about how your current employees perceive your employer brand, best seo companies for small businesses you will be aware that there are a number of factors that can impact the quality of response.

Here are four tips to support you on effectively managing your employer brand surveys:

1.Take care on the timing – if you plan to implement an employee survey each year, make sure that you implement it at the same time each year. If you find that there are certain circumstances that make you hesitant about implementing the survey such as a period of organisation change, I recommend you still implement the survey. The results will be influenced by the current circumstances and what your people are facing at the time but it will give you great insights. The Wedding Planner

2.Take action on the results – one of the reasons that many employee surveys lose impact is that the organisation does not take action on the results. Engage your leadership team and senior managers by providing them with survey results for the whole organisation and for their own department. I suggest you accompany the results with a support plan to assist your line managers in facilitating a meeting with their team to review the results and then create an action plan for them to both embed the areas that are working well and prioritise the actions that they will take moving forward. Embedding these action plans into a teams day to day work and reporting on how they move forward will help employees realise that their input is valued and acted upon.

3. Communicate and celebrate success – when you have analysed the results and determined the resultant action plan you will be working on, make sure that you share this with all employees, ensuring that you put into context why you are working on specific areas as a priority. Then as the year progresses, connect the decisions you are making in the business to support the development of your employer brand to the feedback you received from your employees in the survey. Share success stories from different teams where they are moving forward in building a business where your employees are proud to work.

4. Conduct regular pulse checks – your employee survey does not need to be a once a year programme. I recommend that you take regular pulse checks with a short 1-3 question survey which you can target to a specific demographic segment or team in your business which will provide you with Branded Surveys Review a temperature check on the areas you are working on.

If you would like to implement and employee survey to support you in diagnosing the strength of your employer brand, you can use these four keys to support you. If you are not confident you have the capability or capacity to implement the survey, consider asking an Employer Branding consultant to support you.

But remember, do not implement a survey unless you do plan to take action on the results. The most damaging thing for your employer brand would be to engage people and ask them for their input in a survey and then do nothing with the results.

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