The One Move That Will KILL Your Business

One of the best ways to quickly build your business, get high quality clients, and have it happen pretty easily, are referrals. Absolutely. Whether you get these from friends, family, or networking groups (the way I have for years), it is key to building a successful, sustainable business–provided you give exceptional service.

If you deliver exceptional service, it’s a win-win-win. The first, and foremost, businesshonors win is you are thoroughly fulfilling the promise you gave when you opened your business (honoring the sign that hangs in front of your door so to speak). The second win is the value the client receives (they needed to improve their life and you gave them that). The third is people like to talk. (People LOVE to share their experiences–whether it is to pass on the really good or to warn others about the really bad. You benefit greatly by the first option.)

Yes, you would think giving exceptional service would be obvious; however, unfortunately, for some it’s not. If you don’t, if there’s no commitment to excellence on your end, then not only will a current client be affected, but the chance they will NOT refer you is simply guaranteed. Actually, hi5biz most likely the opposite will happen–they’ll tell people to avoid doing business with you.

I’ll give you a “for instance” of what happened to me recently, at the dry cleaners.

For weeks I’d been meaning to get a new pair of pants hemmed (I have short legs and can never find pants that fit right), I took them to one of the four dry cleaners that do alterations within a two- block radius of my Greenwich Village apartment. classyweb

Now, before I get to the heart of the story, let me give you the ‘before picture.’ I stopped into this particular dry cleaner with two pairs of pants. One pair of pants was solid black and one black with stripes. The striped pair had small, gold pins in the hem that I had strategically placed there in desperation for a wedding I attended. (Embarrassing, but true. I’m going for full disclosure here.) The alterations were marked, the seamstress and I had a pleasant conversation about marriage and I went on my merry way.

After picking up my pants, I discovered the striped pair had not been altered at all. When I put them on at home one pant leg was as long as it had been and the other still had my original pins in it! I understand an honest mistake, no big deal. Back to the dry cleaner I went. The seamstress was not there, so the owner took my pants and marked them “re-do.”

When I went back to pick up my pants for the second time, the seamstress brought them out–untouched and not hemmed. I knew right away because I saw one of my original gold pins shining in the pant leg. She told me I had never brought these particular pants in to be hemmed and that I was a liar (actual word used). Right then and there, in just one sentence, she lost thousands of dollars worth of potential business. I was shocked. I’m still not sure what shocked me most: 1) alternativehealthdirectory I was accused of bringing in pants off the street for a random free hem job, 2) I was called a liar, 3) I was refused a refund for the original cost of the alteration, or 4) all of this disruption was worth the cost of this job to this business owner.

And what was that cost? $5.40.

Here’s what was affirmed for me through that experience:

As solo-entrepreneurs, we have a DUTY to uphold integrity in our business. There’s a lot that’s being overlooked in business conduct these days. If we don’t uphold utmost value, who will?

Clients want to work with people who deliver what they say they will deliver.

There are many who offer what you offer. If you don’t deliver 110%, they will go to someone who will. (The other day–ironically or not–I had a neighbor ask me where I bring my dry cleaning. I for sure told them where NOT to go.)

Your Call To Action:

As you move forward in your business, always affirm and double affirm that you are giving your best 110% service. You truly have to stand behind what you do. Not only that, you’ve got to take that stand in a way that makes a prospect feel confident about your integrity. For more info please visit here:-

Guarantee your work. You owe it to yourself and your potential clients to put an official seal of guaranteed satisfaction on your offerings. I do.  You can see for yourself here. I know this makes some entrepreneurs nervous, but honestly, it shouldn’t. It will definitely do two things: have you truly and thoroughly accountable to what you offer, and attract the ideal clients who respect and recognize you are willing to take a stand for your work.

Be courteous. Now every once in awhile you might have someone who will push boundaries and take advantage of your seal. Don’t let it phase you. Listen to what they have to say. Take their suggestion if it’s on target. Appease them. Give them their money back. MOVE ON. You will be much more prosperous in the long run; trust me.


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