How to Optimise Individuals Performance

Too much has been written about time management and how its applications can benefit users to do more activities within available time, with little attention on why we act in the first place. If the purpose is to produce desired results, then time management alone is failing to deliver, riemannian-physics as the prime objective is not only to execute activities but also produce desired results.

The notion that time can be managed is misleading and cumbersome, and should be replaced by ‘Action Management’, with the end results in mind. Earl Nightingale once said that “Time can’t be managed. I merely manage activities. Each night, I write down on a sheet of paper a list of the things I have to accomplish the next day. And when I wake up… I do them.”

In spite of widespread automation in the office and home, and improved overall communication, we have less and less free time, and we are constantly bombarded with more tasks that require our urgent attention. With the advent of new technologies, one would assume that today’s generation work far less than previous generations to accomplish their daily tasks, glock-zone but the reality is far from the truth. We are becoming more dependent on technology, and we work more than ever, completing more tasks in our working time. With so many competing priorities it results in firefighting and increased stress levels.

According to the Law of Imbalance, 20% of priority actions deliver 80% of desired results. Individuals and businesses must prioritize and focus their attention on the end results. In pursuit of optimum performance, they should go back to basics and focus only on activities that deliver results and create value. They should discard time-wasting activities and delegate routine tasks, bearing in mind the need to keep a balance between personal, family and professional needs.

Nowadays, there exists a goal-achieving success planning tools that offers a success formula and practical achievement tool for individuals as well as businesses to enable them to remain focused on the end results. Such a success planning tool provides a process that guides you through a proven success formula that inherently applies the Law of Imbalance. End results are achieved by ensuring that daily goal-oriented activities are linked to predefined target goals, bernercookiesdispensary which are in alignment with long-term objectives.

To start with, users are expected to identify a number of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed (SMART) annual goals for every aspect of their life, including goals such as professional, educational, lifestyle, physical and family. Each goal has a realistic target date for its accomplishment. Key objectives are set for each month, and daily actions, which are written down in an orderly fashion, are executed and regularly checked.

Planning activities over time is paramount and the diary facilitates such a process. Users know exactly what they need to get done every day of the week and every week of the year. The plan clearly determines what to do in each hour of the day, foiz be it work or social.

With this process in place, such a success planning tool will surprise users how much they will get done, bearing in mind Parkinson’s Law that “every task expands to the time dedicated to it”. A reasonable amount of time needs to be dedicated to each task and it should be accomplished within the allocated timeframe. bernercookiesdispensary

Developing goal-oriented, result-focused management skills is a journey that may begin with regular use of such a goal-achievement planning tool, but with persistent practice and other guidance, motivation and inspiration along the way, new habits of successful people will be developed.

Setting priorities and managing actions within an allocated timeframe, Animal and pets and possibly minimizing, or eliminating time-wasting activities from your daily life, enables a gradual accumulation of results. Successful leaders in almost every field organize each day according to the priority assigned to the activities to be accomplished. The Success Diary provides sufficient space for daily activities to ensure goal achievement, and offers guidelines to help plan each day’s work.

Another objective of this planner is to change behaviour over time, to achieve general pre-set goals, such as increasing productivity, eliminating procrastination or even decreasing stress. The challenge is not only to set specific goals but also to set and execute daily actions, and track them over time to see whether or not they have been accomplished.

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